You work hard to create and manage your files. Some are very important. Some are critical. Think of it: Tax data, contact info, passwords, videos, and photos of loved ones. Not much is worse than the moment your drive crashes and it all suddenly disappears. Backing up your data is the only way to avoid this. HCS has the tools to do this reliably and economically.
Often the best way to transfer and store files is with an external drive of some sort. We have a full range of drives available to accomplish this: From a simple-to-use 2 gigabyte thumb drive, through a blistering fast 256 gigabyte solid state USB 3 (or Thunderbolt) ready external, and on up to a 4 terabyte mechanical hard drive – we’ve got your data storage covered.
In addition to adding external storage, we’re happy to replace or upgrade the existing drive(s) in your computer and also offer the ultimate service: Backing up your entire computer to our own secure drives here at HCS.